27 years old Male Seeking Female

United States

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"You see, Im not talking about making lovers out of golden picturesque sunsetsI want to be the one who can bring it to the streets and to the fixed and victim-esque"The Beatles. Nirvana. Blink 182. Glassjaw. Dance Gavin Dance. Refused. Eminem. Odd Future. Saul WIlliams. John Mayer. Death Cab For Cutie. Twenty One Pilots. Ricky Eat Acid. Teen Suicide. The Wonder Years. Veil of Maya, Adaliah. The Sound of Animals Fighting. Lost. Breaking Bad. Weeds. Mad Men. TED Talks. Pokemon. Legit.I have 2 boys. 6 years and 10 months.Steadily employed. Have a vehicle and a house.

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