52 years old Female Seeking Male

United Kingdom

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hi, i`m looking for someone who i can have nice relaxing chats with. someone who is on my wavelength and wants to take things slowly..nice meetings/ meals/chats and to discover nice things about each other.. chat and put the world to rights!!, lets see how it goes.. i work hard during the week and like to relax and do what i like at the weekend, i.e, read, watch telly, do my crafts, cook, (big passion). i make relishes, jams, chutneys etc in my spare time.. i never eat them and have a kitchen full of them!!! i have a mad kitten who eats me alive with her claws cos she is an indoor cat, but she is very loving and affectionate at times, (like me!!!) haha. i like most music except any that just goes boom boom boom.. something i can listen to is fine. all i want is someone to treat me as i would treat them,, with respect, honesty and kindness. i like to watch some sports like football, rugby the Olympics.. not into horse racing or cricket tho. i like the odd game of darts and like tattoos and piercings. ask and i might tell!!!! im a homely person but would love to meet someone with a sense of adventure to do silly things with, not roller coasters tho !!!

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